Experience Evokes Excellence

Scott Peterson has practiced criminal law for over 35 years and has been a dependable source of legal advise and aid for citizens of McLennan County since 1986. He has participated in numerous jury trials –  from DWIs to all types of felonies – and has handled over 5,000 criminal cases in his career.

About Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson is a native Texan who grew up in Dallas, attended college in Austin, and obtained his law degree in Houston.  He moved to Waco in 1986 to take a job with the McLennan County District Attorneys. He rose to the level of chief felony prosecutor during this time and has been in the private practice of law since leaving the DA’s Office.

Prior to law school, Scott worked for 3 years with the Austin State Hospital, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center, followed by 5 years of cancer research at the University of Texas. He obtained a Master’s degree in molecular genetics during this time. With this knowledge as a background, and guidance from his father, who was a criminal defense lawyer, Scott obtained his law degree in 1984.

Work Experience

  • Criminal Attorney

    Scott Peterson passed the bar exam and was licensed to practice law in Texas in 1984.

  • Criminal Specialist

    Scott Peterson met the requirements and passed the test to become a criminal law specialist in 1991. He has been recertified as a specialist every 5 years since.

  • Adjunct Professor

    Scott Peterson taught the law under the Fourth (search and seizure), Fifth (due process/right to remain silent), and Sixth (effective assistance of counsel/speedy trial) Amendments to the United States Constitution for the University of Texas at Arlington (local campus).

“Part of being a criminal law specialist includes extensive work in the courtroom and on appellate matters, in both state and federal courts. It also includes a higher level of continuing legal education in criminal law. I believe that the past 25 years of keeping up with these rigorous requirements have made me a better lawyer.”

Formal Education and Post-College Educational Endeavors



Bachelor of Science

University of Texas at Austin


Master of Arts

University of Texas at Austin


Doctor of Jurisprudence

University of Houston



NCCA Career Prosecutor School

1987 - 1988


Waco Police Academy

2002 - 2004


University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Criminal Justice, Waco Campus


Continuing Education

Criminal Law Specialists are required to attend continuing education classes to maintain their board certification.

“There is no better way to focus on what you have learned than to teach it.”

Understanding Your Individual Needs

About 95% of all criminal cases are handled without a trial.  In such instances a lawyer must be able to understand a client’s particular situation in order to afford effective representation and achieve a favorable outcome.  The more real-life experience a lawyer has, the better the lawyer will be able to understand the client and achieve this favorable outcome.
“Let us say you or a loved one is in trouble with the law for an alcohol or drug related offense. Understanding addiction and the issues associated with this medical condition is most helpful in representing a client. Having been a counselor’s aide for 3 years at the Austin State Hospitial, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment Center, and having studied addiction in college, I am aware of the science and of this problem and as such I am better able to represent clients in such matters.”

“The knowledge and experience gained from working with people with alcohol and drug addictions has been a wonderful asset to understanding and representing clients with this type of medical problem.”

If you are looking for an attorney who will understand your particular problem and provide individualized representation, Scott Peterson has a wide area of knowledge and experience to understand and assist you.

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