Definition of Federal Charge

Our Constitution gives the States power to regulate criminal activity; but the federal government also has such authority when the problem meets certain criteria. If you are charged under federal law then it is a federal case.

The following are examples of federal criminal cases in which assistance is offered:

  • Drug cases/ Conspiracy
  • Money Laundering/Gun Charge
  • Illegal Reentry/Theft
  • State Charge on Federal Property
  • Mail Fraud/Wire fraud
  • Federal Appeals


It is important for a criminal defense attorney to be knowledgeable of both state and federal law in order to provide proper legal advise.
  • Did you know that a misdemeanor family violence conviction can effect your right to own or possess a firearm under federal law as well as Texas law?
  • Did you know that State legalization of marijuana does not make it legal under federal law?
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